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Hanul ENG, as the manufacturer specializing in cold air drying machine, has been rapidly growing based on confidence and trust from customers since the foundation in 2008.
We believe that providing the best product and service is the best way to reward our customers who choose and trust Hanul ENG, and our top priority has been always the technological improvement to manufacture better products beyond our current technologies.
Hanul ENG with passionate and ambitious young members including CEO is accumulating the know-how through endless tests to equip itself with advanced and expandable technologies based on its challenges and passion, rather than remaining as the organization of narrow views relying on the current technology only. With the know-how and technologies Hanul ENG acquired over the years, Hanul ENG guarantees worry-free and thorough A/S as well as the clean manufacturing and installation which have been acknowledged by customers.
The company known for the best for its outstanding work meeting customers’ demands
The trustworthy company revisited by customers
Hanul ENG is the company who has full potential and bright future.
We wish all visitors health and happiness. Thank you.
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