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Cold Air Drying Machine
Cold Air Drying Machine applying low temperature dehydration which is the most similar to natural environment makes excellent smell,
flavor and texture of food and produces better quality food than heat drying. Its heat pump system is also cost effective.
Product Features
All-weather Drying
It guarantees uniform production and quality of food regardless of season and weather condition.
Pollution-free, Clean Drying
It solves all problems (product deterioration, gas absorption, fire risk, etc.) caused by the hot air drying (using direct fired heat).
Drying food in the original state
It maintains the original flavor, smell and color of dried food, and nutrients including protein are not destroyed during the drying process.
Energy Saving Dehydration
Since it uses a special heat exchanger and heat waste from a freezer, the electrical cost is much cheaper than oil (diesel) used in a hot air dryer.
(It can save over 50% energy, comparing to using a warm air dryer.)
Productivity Enhancement
and Convenient Storage
Comparing to using a hot air dryer, it enhances productivity and makes the storage easy after the dehydration.
(It can enhance productivity over 20%, comparing to using a warm air dryer.)
Temperature and humidity for a drying room can be easily selected for automatic operation by the food to dehydrate.
Hot Air DehydrationCold Air Dehydration
Drying MethodDrying with the heated air
by direct fired heat using a burner
Drying in the method of heat pump using waste heat
from a compression freezer
Used EquipmentBurner and ventilatorFreezer, pump and airing ventilator
Heat SourceDiesel, electricityElectricity
Operating Duration8 months (unusable in summer)(usable for) 12 months
Quality StatePossibility of quality change & discoloration
(nonuniform product)
Original state maintenance
(uniform product)
Product LocationNeed to change the rack location
(every 3~4 hours)
No need to change the rack location
Operating Staff1 staff on standbyUnmanned operation
Drying Hours48 hours/3.5 TON
(semi-dried pollack)
48 hours/3.5 TON
(semi-dried pollack)
Fire RiskDangerousSafe
Installation Space Large space neededSpace saving
Comparison of cost saving for drying energy
Hot Air DehydrationColl Air Dehydration
Heat SourceDieselDieselElectricityElectricity
Unit Cost (a)KRW550/ ℓKRW550/ ℓKRW85/kWKRW85/kW
Calorific Value9,200㎉/ℓ9,200㎉/ℓ860㎉/㎾860㎉/㎾
Unit Cost per 1000㎉ (c=a/bx1000)KRW59.7KRW59.7KRW81.3KRW81.3
Efficiency or Performance Factor0.90.9COPH21.0
Unit Cost per 1000㎉ (d=c/e)KRW66.3KRW66.3KRW49.4KRW98.8
Monthly Consumption (f)6,000ℓ6,000ℓ28,800㎾12,400㎾
Calorific Value per 1000㎉ (g=b/1000)9.2㎉/ℓ9.2㎉/ℓ0.86㎉/㎾0.86㎉/㎾
Monthly Cost (h=dxfxg)3,659,7603,659,7601,223,9991,223,999
※ Remarks) ① Electric rate is based on the low-pressure power for industrial electricity (gap).
② Basic rate of electricity varies by the capacity (basic rate = KRW3,510/kWH)
③ The case of semi-dried pollack on 14 racks (drying room size : 10.4Mx4x3M) were used for the comparison.
Drying Hours
NOProductDrying Temperature(℃)Drying Hours
Big dried persimmon20~30100~150
3Fishery Products15~2515~30
5Medicinal Herbs15~40각기다름
This data is based on dried (semi-dried) products available on the market.
Drying TestDrying tests for products are available when you visit our head office.
Product Specifications (Movable)
SizeOn demand2400*1100*20003300*1600*2500
CompressorOn demand2HP4HP
Drying Capacity per CycleOn demand60KG180KG
Number of TrayOn demand1160
Tray SizeOn demand910*610*55780*670*100
Required ElectricityOn demand2.2KW/H3.8KW/H
Workable Power220V/380V380V
Product Specification (Stationary)
Number of Rack (tray)4 (72)6 (108)12 (216)16 (288)25 (450)36 (648)
Cooling Capacity (KCAL/HR)14,00014,00030,00060,00073,00092,000
Dehumidifying Capacity (KG/HR)101020405060
Compressor (HP)4510203040
Ventilator (HP)239152635
Capacity per Cycle0.3 Ton0.5 Ton1 Ton1.6 Ton2.2 Ton3.2 Ton
Size of Drying RoomLength (M/M)3,0003,6005,0007,5007,6007,600
Width (M/M)2,0002,5002,7003,2003,9004,700
Height (M/M)2,8002,8003,0003,0003,0003,000
※ 1. The rack size is 800(L)x700(W)x1950(H).
2. Inlet air condition of the dehumidifying capacity is 30℃ for dry bulb temperature (DB) and 60% for relative humidity (RH).
3. Since the drying room size is for fishery products, it varies by the product to dehydrate.
4. Make-to-order is possible for products other than the standard specification.
Cool Air Drying Machine / Frozen Storage Concurrent Building
Hanul ENG builds a cool air drying machine and frozen storage at the same time, so that the process from food dehydration to storage can be done at a time. Quotation for the additional building will be estimated upon request.