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Quick-freezing Storage
Freezing food stuff in a short period of time, this method is used to store food commodities such as fish and meat which usually lower the quality unless they are quickly frozen. This storage maintains freshness of various food commodities.
Product Features
Preservation of Original Shape and Freshness of Food
Quick freezing doesn’t destroy cells & tissues or damage cellular walls because it only creates fine ice crystals onto cells & tissues of food. So, this storage maintains freshness as well as its original shape.
Quick Freezing in Consistent Temperature
Maintenance of the optimum temperature for quick freezing, -30℃~ -40℃, fast freezes various food commodities including fish, meat and grains which easily lose their freshness.
Maintenance of original state of food even after defrosting
It keeps original flavor, texture, and color even after they are defrosted, so that you can enjoy fresh food as if they hadn’t been frozen.
Convenient Bulk Storage
This is the product freezing food stuff in large quantities within a short time, which makes food storage stable and convenient.
Panel Size1600x2000x23002500x4000x23003000x5500x23004000x6600x25004500x7300x2500
Panel Thickness125T125T150T150T150T
Mechanical Specification3HP5HP10HP15HP20HP
Required Electricity 3KW4.5KW9KW13KW17KW
Lead Time (from the date of order)7 Days7~8 Days8~9 Days8~9 Days9~10 Days
Service Temperature-35℃ ~ -40℃ -35℃ ~ -40℃ -35℃ ~ -40℃ -35℃ ~ -40℃ -35℃ ~ -40℃