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Remote Control
Hanul ENG adopts the remote control system to Cold Air Drying Machine and Frozen/Cold Storage.
Products and storage status can be checked from your smart devices.
Products and storage status are also available on the internet.
Benefits of Remote Control
Convenient Verification
of Machine Operating Condition
No staff is required to stay at the site to adjust the temperature of Frozen/Cold Storage and check the operating condition of the machine, which can be managed by your smart devices or on the internet.
SMS for Any Trouble
with Frozen/Cold Storage
In case of any error in temperature of Frozen/Cold Storage, a text message is sent to alert it to prevent damage to items in the storage for any failure in the freezer.
Accurate and
Speedy Mechanical Examination
In case of any mechanical error, either on-site or off-site verification can be easily done to check when a mechanical error or controller’s problem occurs and the current state of Frozen/Cold Storage, which allows precise diagnosis and speedy A/S.